★Add a new land where Misuzu Follower lives.★


【Required】DLC: Dawnguard and Dragonborn

【Load door Location】

Whiterun: A tin cane(Shakujo) stands near the Guard barracks. Please activate it.


     or coc command:coc MSZMarshEntrance 


   LE: Jaxonz Positioner by Jaxonz


※☆I'm biginner in weight painting. I would appreciate any advice or help. Thank you☆※ 


【Special thanks】RoundRovin様 Weapon-Rougabou-を提供していただいてます♪


 Misuzu Marsh v2.1 (2022, Jan 08)
★女性用の防具「Samurai Armor Full」(Weight 0 only)を1着追加しました。外に設置している籠(Rattan chest)に入っています。

 Added one new piece of armor for women (Weight 0 only). It is in the basket (Rattan chest) outside.








ポーズなどにJaxonz Positionerを使用したりして遊んでいただければと♪

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    war10cksektorseven@yahoo.com (火曜日, 11 1月 2022 01:45)

    I noticed that the samurai helmet mesh is not included in this latest version. Yet it is featured on your Twitter. I did see the textures for it in the files though. Did it get lost while updating the mod?

  • #7

    Kaban (月曜日, 27 12月 2021 21:25)

    It's impossible to buy Legendary Edition.

    Don't be a damekko doubutsu, port it to Special Edition, onegai.

  • #6

    C P (月曜日, 11 10月 2021 02:35)

    Thank you.

  • #5

    Misuzu (金曜日, 08 10月 2021 01:47)

    I forgot to refresh the article. The latest version is available here.
    Misuzu Marsh v2.0.1

  • #4

    C P (木曜日, 07 10月 2021 15:27)

    Could you upload again, please.
    Thank you.

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    たかあき (水曜日, 08 4月 2020 04:11)


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    akalor (土曜日, 22 2月 2020 09:00)

    Can you make the male version work with SAM schlong please?

  • #1

    w.h (金曜日, 24 1月 2020 11:37)