MSZ Warpaints

【New】MSZ Character's Warpaints  (April 11, 2018)

Part.2~4 and Tumblr Gift set

※The download link is at the bottom of this page.

for Skyrim Special Edition: All Warpaints can be use without SKSE

(SSE SKSE無しでもそのまま使用可能です)

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Tumblr Gift set


ということで、日頃の感謝を込めまして作成しTumblrの方で公開させて頂いたWarpaint setです~



Face paint: Cat


【MSZ Character's Warpaints】【DOWNLOAD】 (April 11, 2018)

(01: Armir Wizard, 02: Thief, 03: Ireth, 04: Velith, 05: Ena, 06: Luisa, 07: Raccoon(New), 08: Cat, 09: New, 10: Egyptian style(New), male01: Thoron) 



【Part.5】【DOWNLOAD】 (July 08, 2017)

【Part.4】 (Mar 08, 2016)

Male & Female set 【DOWNLOAD】




【Face paint Cat【DOWNLOAD】(Feb 22, 2015)

※Readme でもご確認ください!※


This set corresponds to the race besides Khajiit and Argonian.

※Replaces warpaint textures※

☆7z. Install it either with NMM or MO☆

If installing manually, in the extracted folder into your Skyrim data folder.
  Data/textures/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks

 male and female 
 femaleheadwarpaint_01 (←01-10 Please rename it if necessary)


【Recommend MOD】

ECE: Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
RaceMenu by Expired (戦化粧をいくつも組み合わせて使用できますね)
Skyrim Script Extender: SKSE(1.6.6 or later)

導入後SKSE.ini に下記を追記してください。




All modders are welcome to use this mod as they want, just mention the author "Misuzu" in the credits.
※Skyrim only


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