Strange Isle by Team MCY

Rudy ENB

Team MCY: Misuzu, Crential, YATHcom

・Halloweenの期間にそれっぽいNew Worldをと思い、せっせと作成して遊んでおりましたが

( `・∀・´) CrentialYATHcomも加わって下さり、3人での共同製作へとなりました!


☆Adds new small island and Creatures
If installing manually, in the extracted folder into your Skyrim data folder.
Manualの場合は、7z解凍後 Skyrim\Data以下にbsa file, esp fileを配置してください。  


☆New version☆

We added island area extension and Halloween design weapon.

How to travel】 

You will be able to travel to activate the Statue object. (map marker is located.)

    or Console command: coc MSZaStrangeIsle01


LE 【DOWNLOAD】(9/26/2017)

SSE 【DOWNLOAD】  (9/26/2017)


よろしくお願い致しますm(_ _)m



Have a happy Halloween! :D

【☆Special thanks☆】

Test to SSE by General Andreis


・Pumpkins by Crential, YATHcom
・Signbord, Orange by YATHcom

・Haloween Weapon by Crential


Manor House Modders Resource by Tlaffoon

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys

Witcher Zombie Resource by GendunDrup

Bloodfalls by Tamira

H/MIX GALLERY: 殺戮マシン by Hirokazu Akiyama

・Creation Kit

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    hjk (土曜日, 23 5月 2020 20:46)


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    w.h (金曜日, 01 11月 2019 20:03)

    私も、ここに冒険を去りたい。 T_T

  • #8

    Giminiking00 (水曜日, 10 4月 2019 02:54)

    Absolutely love your work guys! I wanted to ask for permission to port this over to the Xbox 1 community. I know a lot of people would love it, especially for Halloween later this year.

  • #7

    Satsuki (水曜日, 24 10月 2018 23:29)

    Hi, Misuzu-san.
    I got an onsen cabin in my house mod. Since your Triment Isle has many Japanese objects. Could you allow me to use some of your meshes and textures in my mod?
    Here's the link to my mod:
    And thanks for making these unique mods:)

  • #6

    Misuzu (月曜日, 23 10月 2017)

    to Oaristys
    I agree with you. Hope your Halloween is a Treat! Thank you, too :)

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    Oaristys (月曜日, 23 10月 2017 21:24)

    Hi, I'm the admin of the main French website for Skyrim mods ( I would like to translate your beautiful mod and share it with French players for Halloween (with credits and link to your page), do you agree?
    Thanks for your work! :)

  • #4

    Misuzu (木曜日, 19 10月 2017 03:16)

    using Rudy ENB.

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    Aeilstein (水曜日, 18 10月 2017 22:55)

    What enb do you use in screenshoot?

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    Misuzu (日曜日, 16 10月 2016 07:24)

    to Roberto
    Thank you so much ;D

  • #1

    Roberto (木曜日, 13 10月 2016 10:15)

    Wonderful Halloween island :D